TS1 Touch Screen (for GC2 Panels)



The Future of residential home security and home management is NOW!

The Wireless Touch Screen Keypad (2GIG-TS1) is a wall-mounted, full-color, touch screen interface that provides many of the same easy-to-use keypad functions available on the control panel. It is designed for indoor use only and gives users the ability to control lights, thermostats, and door locks, as well as to view the status of every sensor zone.

When the 900 MHz Transceiver Module (2GIG-XCVR2-345) is installed in the GC2 control panel, the system can be programmed to communicate with up to four (4) Wireless Touch Screen Keypads.



  • Full color touch screen interface
  • Same easy-to-use interface as the GC2 panel
  • One-touch Home and Emergency navigation
  • Add up to 4 Wireless Touch Screen Keypads to 1 system
  • Easy access to Z-Wave functionality
  • See and hear system status, chimes and alerts
  • Screen and buttons can be configured to darken completely and light back up with one touch
  • Requires XCVR2 to be installed in main panel


  • Display: 4.3″ QVGA full color
  • Dimensions: 6.7″ x 4.3″ x 0.8″
  • Wireless: 900 Mhz frequency hopping bi-directional communication
  • Range: 500 feet line of site
  • Power: 14 VAC using including AC adapter
  • Speaker: Playback of locally store annunciation messages, chimes and alarms

Regulatory Approvals

  • FCC part 15

Part Numbers

  • 2GIG-TS1-E Wireless Touch Screen Keypad (English)
  • 2GIG-TS1-C Wireless Touch Screen Keypad (Canadian French)
  • 2GIG-TS1-S Wireless Touch Screen Keypad (Spanish)


Use of the TS1 requires a 2GIG GC2 Control Panel with the 2GIG-XCVR2-345 installed and running system software version 1.8. Detailed 1.8 update instructions and 2GIG-XCVR2-345 installation instructions will be provided with the products. Only one 2GIG-XCVR2-345 is required for each 2GIG GC2 Control Panel providing support for up to four TS1s. This keypad is for use with the 2GIG GC2 Panel only.


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