Lifetime Service Plan


At Alert U Now , we use some of the highest quality security and home automation equipment available.

However, even the best security needs service or repair now and then. You will receive peace of mind knowing you are covered against many potential problems. For your convenience, below please find a summary of our Lifetime Service Protection Plan, and the benefits you receive as a Alert U Now customer.


We agree to repair or replace any device, installed by Alert U Now, that is defective, either at the outset of your installation or that becomes defective due to normal wear and tear under normal operating conditions.


You are covered as long as we provide monitoring service and your account is current and paid in full.


Even though the repair of equipment may be free, a minimum $35 trip charge will be assessed for each home visit required for any covered services. However, for the first 90 days, this charge will be waived as a courtesy to you. If upgrades or repairs that are not covered are needed, prevailing labor rates, material rates and trip charges will be applied.


We may use new or reconditioned used parts. We may retain any parts removed from your system. You will be required to pay for any and all parts and labor for non-covered repairs and replacements at our prevailing rates.


We will make all repairs as soon as reasonably possible after you call. We perform service during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Payment will be due upon completion of the service call.


If you have an emergency and need us at times other than our normal business hours, there will be a surcharge for emergency visits.


Please note that we do not cover damage and/or changes due to remodeling or renovation, accidents, abuse, misuse, acts of God, adverse or inclement weather conditions, vandalism, cosmetic damage, attempted or unauthorized repairs, faulty electrical connections, power surges, lack of proper maintenance and causes beyond normal operating conditions. Additionally, faulty telephone Internet, and/or router connections, whether caused by you or a third party service provider (such as disconnection by your phone company of the alarm system from your phone line or the
addition of DSL or a DSL filter) are not covered. However, batteries and battery replacements will be covered from one year from the date of installation, after which they are not covered.

We congratulate you on choosing Alert U Now, and we look forward to maintaining a long lasting business relationship with you. Our commitment to you is evidenced in part by our willingness to provide this Lifetime Service Protection Plan to you.